Friday, February 16, 2007

Man this year is chipping away pretty quickly. I mean, a lot has happened already, and maybe that’s why its moving so fast. I think I may have felt a half dozen dull moments as of yet. There has been enough to do, enough to think about, to keep my mind in a sweat - even if my body is dormant, strewn about across a bed facing the ceiling, loosely clutching a guitar, strumming aimlessly… My mind wanders and wonders and fixates and churns and churns until I have to stop and remember to breath, to relax.

Will is living with me once again as he always does for a bit pre-tour. Its around dinner time and we’re back at my place. I just re-heated some cold coffee that was left in the pot from this morning. We’ve just been battling commute traffic all over Oakland running errands for tour after rehearsing. I needed a book, some jeans (as you may have noticed, I tend to be less than prolific in my accumulation of clothing), and some other shit before we leave. We’ll be out for a while, it’ll be May at the very very least before we have more than a couple days without a show – very excited about this - look for new tour dates for end of March to be posted soon.

Rehearsal is going well each afternoon. I expected that we’d be pretty rusty after a couple months off, but it all feels fine – just about where we left it. So we often descend into jangly songs by Weezer or Stone Temple Pilots, stuff that we used to play back in high school - then Will will start shredding, and I’ll sit down on my amp and get all jaded and nostalgic and talk at length about how much music has lost its way since the early to mid 90s…

…speaking solely as an avid music listener and fan, I’m sort of sick of a lot of what’s out there right now. I’d really like to hear some great songs. I’d really like to hear some music that was written for the sake of something other than fashion (maistream fashion, indie/folkey/dancey/whatever fashion, adult contemporary fashion, etc…). If it’s the style of a song that makes it worth listening to, then it will carry no substance when the trends change. I don’t care what genre the band fits into – in the end that shouldn’t matter. A great song is moving in any genre, and you can never really explain exactly why you like it - it just gets you. Its best played on a slightly out of tune guitar in someone’s living room a decade after it fell of the billboard charts. Its best sung by multiple voices, all off-key, all drunken... When the sun sets on this generation, on these paticular trends… when the day is done for all the music that is merely an accessory a current fashion… what songs will remain glowing for us in the night sky?

i guess it doesnt really matter all that much.