Thursday, April 26, 2007

excuses, excuses...

I’m going to a wedding tomorrow night and I just realized that all of my clothes are in complete shreds from the road – I mean, its not like any thread of my meager wardrobe was prime for formal gathering in the first place. I know I have the all purpose I’m-in-a-band excuse, but it could be refreshing to participate in society for just one night.

Searching through the closet at my folks place I pulled out the tuxedo that I managed to find an excuse to wear a couple dozen times since high school. I bought it at a thrift store for prom and have performed in it, used it for Halloween costumes, and at times worn it to nice events, but I’m not a groomsman and the novelty is getting sort of tired – plus I really have no interest in embarrassing my folks this time. I don’t even plan to drink – even though I’m pretty sure its always acceptable for the guy in the band to get wasted.

Its disturbing how many pardons merely being a touring musician awards you– especially if you look the part, but I’m getting up early and going to a department store. Its an old and important friend’s wedding and I’m going to try to be appropriate, go for the post-collegiate look and the post-shower scent.