Monday, April 16, 2007

Rhapsody Playlist

I made a little playlist for Rhapsody the other day, thought I'd share with ya'll why I chose the songs I did.

Leonard Cohen - Chelsea Hotel No 2 – The best song ever written about a blowjob. In just a few minutes he shocks you, makes you laugh, makes you tear up, crushes you with the weight of it all, but somehow it all fits together perfectly. I love how he ends it with a shrug, without even bothering to resolve the final chord.

Counting Crows – Round Here – When I’m overwhelmed or feeling down I always put this song on. Adam Duritz’s vocals gives me goose bumps every time.

Nirvana – Where Did You Sleep Last Night?– The finale to the MTV unplugged performance and one of my favorite recorded moments. The way Cobain howls the final “shiver the whole night through” kills me. The fact that its a Lead Belly cover seals the deal.

Ryan Adams – Dear Chicago – One of those songs that just gets under my skin, especially the way he just breezes by his thoughts of suicide.

Tom Waits – Time – My favorite Tom Waits songs tend to be his ballads. The pictures he paints in these verses are so vivid and beautiful. Every element of this song is spilling over with sympathy.

Modest Mouse – 3rd Planet – The song that began my fascination with this band. It brings together all of my favorite elements of their music and seamlessly weaves through self pity, conception, creation, destruction, god, and meaninglessness.

Radiohead – Creep – At age sixteen I was driving to a high school dance that I was required against my wishes to attend. This anthem came on the radio and summed it all up for me. This is one of those songs where less is more. The lyrics are a direct quote from that inner monologue we all have from time to time and nothing more is needed. They never have to stray from the same four chords.

Elvis Costello – Alison - This one always feels good. Its so clear to me that Allison is real, and he longs for her and pities her at the same time. I like that he can feel for a girl that’s been used like that. I’ve been there from time to time.

Bjork – Its Oh So Quiet – She’s so rad.

Weezer – El Scorcho – I remember playing this a few years ago with a few friends on acoustics when we were wasted at some party. Halfway through the first verse, the entire house of people had joined in with us. Its so wonderfully catchy and quirky.

The Band – Tears of Rage – There is so much genuine feeling in this one, so much restraint. These guys compliment each other incredibly.

Two Gallants – Threnody in Minor B – It builds and builds to such a payoff. The lyrics are cryptic and cultish, the delivery is pure emotion. See it live.

Bruce Springsteen – Lost In The Flood – All the music and production in this song is so raw. I love the passion he sings with, the intricate metaphors, and how the drums kick in halfway through the second verse.

Bright Eyes – Old Soul Song (For The New World Order) – A solid song through and through and I love that drum fill before the bridge.

Martha Wainwright – Factory – Seeing her perform this live killed me.

Bob Dylan – It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue – Best enjoyed on my parent’s old record player. I think I have his entire catalogue on my computer and I listen to this one the most.

Joni Mitchell – A Case Of You – Something about this song just gets me. She is so genuine, so true to herself.

The Weakerthans – My Favorite Chords – Such intricate weight is given to such seemingly insignificant things.

Ben Folds - The Luckiest – Another tear jerker.

Rancid – Corazon De Oro – This band got me through my teenage years. They wrote some of the best and most genuine songs in their scene.