Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Weather

A few days ago I walked up to central park to do some reading and found a nice shady spot against a tree. That day Spring was climaxing in a wonderful sort of warmth and humidity and dozens of people were strewn about on the grass around me, the air was alive with the chatter of tourists and children, the sun beaming through the trees. I settled down into my book for a nice twenty minutes or so before looking up from the pages…

Lifting my head, I found myself alone on my stretch of lawn. The concrete paths and park benches that had been crowded only minutes before were deserted. Above me, beyond the canopy, the clouds had come, heavy and black, blocking the sun. My phone was buzzing in my pocket, buzzing with bad news, with clenched teeth and fists, with heavy realizations of those things I’ve done wrong.

Then the clouds opened, and they opened fast. I took cover in a tunnel beneath a bridge with a few couples of varied age, some small kids delighted by the rain. When it subsided I walked to a swanky hotel lobby and made another call amongst the distinguished and well dressed, then darted into the subway, clamored home.

The weather has been nasty since, it has in fact, been nasty for a few months now. But I predict that its going to get better soon, that the axe will finally fall upon these things that bind us.

My buddy Ben got into town last night. His band didn’t play until 1am and we were out until I don’t know when. The day was forming in the sky as I drew the blinds to go to bed.

I think I may be over-watering the plants in this apartment.