Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Been sitting too long writing in this coffee shop...

I’m living in San Francisco for August. Despite growing up in Oakland, I have never paid rent over on this side of the bay, and well, I guess I’m not really now, just throwing one of my best friends a few bucks to make his living room my bedroom for a while.

I’m sitting at a coffee shop in the mission now to take advantage of their wireless Internet. I’ve been writing for an hour or so, some stuff for my own amusement, and all around me are very San Francisco-ish folk, all reading and typing away on their laptops, all playing off pretty well their unavoidable interest in the people around them. There is a girl sitting directly behind me whose presence is like a hot ray of sun against the back of my neck, but I’ve found no reason to talk to her. I’m realizing that it’s not a good idea to let strangers get a hold of your heart anyway, though I let it happen way too often. I envy those people that are naturally skeptical, but I can relate to those that give themselves away too easily.

I’ve finally broken into a real fanaticism about writing, which I haven’t had for a while. I go to sleep setting down my guitar and wake picking it up. I walk around the city with fresh songs in my head, bending and twisting words and melodies, feeling pretty good about where I’m at. I thought I had the whole next album written, but now I’m realizing that I had just scratched the surface. I spent the last few days listening to The Last Waltz and I have way too much inspiration to burn before we hit the studio.

All my friends are asking about my plans and I have nothing but vague answers to offer them. I know for certain that we will be playing at Bottom of the Hill on August 25th before doing some initial demo recordings in september. We’ll be headlining so the night is ours. Expect us to play pretty much everything from Charmingly Awkward and a handful of new songs. This will be probably be our last show, besides the Treasure Island Festival, for a while. I hope it will be a good chance to see all of the people we love here but never get to see.

Anyway, things are really good but pretty uneventful. I’m getting really excited for everyone to hear our new songs though. So if you’re around the bay area make sure to get a ticket for the 25th and I’m sure I’ll have many more coffee shop musings to vent on this thing in the next few weeks.