Monday, August 27, 2007


Aaron found a new coffee shop. It has normal people and the sun just crashes right through the front windows in the middle of the afternoon. The coffee is pretty good and so is the music. This is a nice departure from the previous over-crowded, over-poseur-artist-type coffee shop, where the first half of the first Arcade Fire record comes on every afternoon and stops right before that one song in six/eight that I really actually like, where the people watching was pretty nice but the people were pretty mean. I can feel the sun through the back of my shirt here and It’s creating a nice silhouette of shaking leaves on the wall beside me. There is even a mural on the ceiling of the sky with a Macaw flying across, and there are plants, and the subtle sound of a fountain.

I’m over the Mission, tired of looking at regrettable forearm tattoos and the no longer ironic mustaches. I remember my mom driving me around there when I was in middle school and interested in graffiti pieces. I think it was real artists then, and lesbians, and probably some junkies – I liked that. I’m gonna try to avoid it until it becomes completely yuppified. Right now its all the yuppies in denial. The tension of insecurity is too high for me. I really like areas with interesting shops and good food and coffee, but where people can bring their kids and can admit that they like The Eagles and that Plain White T’s song.

I went to H&M yesterday and finally figured out where everyone is getting those striped sweatshirts, though I still haven’t figured out where they get those sunglasses that cover three quarters of your face. When I see someone wearing those, I’ve decided its probably best to make the assumption that they are covering some sort of hideous deformity (Otherwise why would you want to hide your lovely face?). Though I always have trouble with each new wave of fashion – maybe I’m missing something. I’m going to have to stick to thrift stores to find anything individual, sifting through L after L after XL, often times leaving without any luck. I’m thinking I might just get a grip of those unique and awesome shirts that are three sizes too big for me tailored to size.