Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Late Nights

So about an hour ago I got around to messing with our myspace page that was long overdue for some sort of change. I added some songs from Charmingly Awkward that had never been up there, some photos from tour, and sent out a nice bulletin from all of us. Then as I’m checking over my work, making sure I didn’t accidentally upload a picture of my cat or something, I find a message in our inbox commenting that it is pretty mind-blowing that someone from the band would be up at Four AM doing such a thing.

Of course, it was only One AM on the west coast, and with the schedule I keep, I wouldn’t be surprised if I am still up playing guitar, reading Woodie Guthrie’s autobiography, writing, listening to Wilco, or still trying to get that damn myspace page to look halfway decent without giving it too many bells and whistles when four o’clock rolls around. Every night (er.. morning) I seem to look up from something and gasp at the numbers on the clock, try to turn my engine off and get to sleep.

It just struck me as sort of crazy how connected the Internet makes you. I hadn’t ever thought that by a couple clicks of the mouse I could declare to 10,000 people that I keep late hours (and am so out of touch that I send my bulletins when most are asleep). It makes me wonder what the effects of sharing myself on this thing could be. When I write on here I don’t think much about the reaction of an audience anymore. Being open, I feel, has been only a positive thing for myself and for others.

So I will continue to tell ya’ll what’s running through my head on here, though myspace will probably just keep on freaking me out.