Saturday, January 26, 2008

To those of you stuck in the rain outside our show at UC Berkeley yesterday…

Thank you for your comments and emails. I really appreciate them, and feel it is very important to hear your disappointment, your anger, and any resentment that you have. I can only imagine how it would feel to make your way across a crowded city, through a heavy rainstorm, only to not be allowed inside the show you gave your day up to see.

Schools have a lot of a lot strict rules, and the fact of the matter (that I wasn’t aware of until minutes before we played when Joey called me from downstairs to inform me of a crowd being denied entry and our manager went to investigate and attempt to get folks in) is that the policy at UC Berkeley for events that are open to the public is that a metal detector be used at the door, and the show wasn’t set up for that.

The group that puts on concerts at Berkeley, though, are always organized and put on great events, are super helpful and accommodating and kind, and this wasn’t a fault of theirs.

I had received hints that this could happen with an email someone sent telling me that the Cal website said a school ID was needed to get in, but being overwhelmed with a snowballing of personal stuff this week, on top of running around town doing repairs and dealing with registration and insurance stuff for our van so we could actually get to the show after a month off, I responded to the email telling the person to come at her own risk, but felt assured that no one would be locked out - the show was supposed to be outside on Sproul Plaza where we have played before to public crowds, and I was certain it would be the same way. The weather moved it inside, though, and I shouldn't have made assumptions.

I don’t know what else I can do besides letting you all know that I feel really awful having ruined so many people’s days (and in one case a birthday!), that in the future when dealing with shows that could possibly be made private I will make a better attempt to know the full story before hand, and have all the information you need on our website.

Thank You so much for coming out in the rain, in the cold, to see us play. I'm so sorry about this.