Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Anyone but Bush (and anyone like him)

Walking out of a coffee shop in Seattle last week, I spotted a stack of their free weekly newspaper, The Stranger, beside the door. I managed to pick one up without spilling my coffee and the cover made my day:

When I was in South America last month, we didn’t even have to ask around to find that people are very aware of what’s happening in the United States and care deeply about it, as our choices often times effect them as much as us.

One young man, when prodded by my brother to give us his opinion said to us that electing Obama would prove to him that The United States is actually going to change its ways, and that if another old white man is elected, he’d expect more of the same.

Certainly it is not that simple, but it was in interesting statement to hear.

Man, I hope this time next year we aren't invading Iran and seeing our Supreme Court stacked even higher with people that don't have the people in mind. I've never seen my friends so hyped up about a candidate before. This is something special.