Thursday, April 10, 2008

looking for parking

I thought about this today while driving.

Life is sort of like looking for parking. You circle around and around again until you can find a spot for yourself. Sometimes you get a great spot, sometimes you aren't exactly where you would have liked to be. Sometimes you have a few choices and you have to weigh the options. Sometimes you have to move at a certain time and sometimes you have to pay, but it is never permanent and a bad parking space can only haunt you for so long.

Wherever you park, you are running a risk, and if you're in a bad neighborhood you know that the likelihood of putting yourself in a bad place is higher, maybe your car will get broken into, but maybe that is where you need or have to be. Other times seemingly safe spots go bad. My friend recently had his stereo jacked from his car while it sat overnight in the parking garage in his building. You never know when you're headed for a breakdown, when life is going to ask more from you than you'd like to give. You have to learn from experience and put yourself in places that seem good for you.

Sometimes you worry about your parking space, and other times you forget where you parked. In the end the worry is useless. If you got a ticket, its already sitting there on the windshield.

And sometimes you park somewhere you've parked many times before. Sometimes you park somewhere you never expected to be again. Sometimes there is a great purpose, and other times you are just pulling over to stretch your legs. Sometimes there is a great distance between spaces and sometimes you're just pulling around the bend.

I've parked so many places in my life, for so many reasons, and in the end, I always end up starting the engine again and driving off to the next spot.