Wednesday, May 7, 2008

climate change

I found myself at Town Hall one night last week seeing a few authors read - in fact, nearly every day I managed to see a reading or discussion thanks to the PEN World Voices Festival - but my favorite moment had to have been that night, when Ian McEwan read what he called a piece of "pre-fiction," about living in the Arctic as part of the Cape Farewell project.

Its a pretty funny yet pretty reasonable piece on coping with climate change.

You can read it HERE

"We must not be too hard on ourselves. If we were banished to another galaxy tomorrow, we would soon be fatally homesick for our brothers and sisters and all their flaws: somewhat co-operative, somewhat selfish, and very funny. But we will not rescue the earth from our own depredations until we understand ourselves a little more, even if we accept that we can never really change our natures."