Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Waiting For The Pills

Somewhere in Western Texas, I clenched my eyes closed on the front bench of the tour-van as it pulled out from under an oasis of truck stop lights, bounced up the onramp, and back on the highway. We were hundreds of miles from any city and daybreak was coming while the stereo blasted and my mind churned. As I finally felt the flood of sleep washing over me, these words entered my head.


Waiting for the pills to kick in
I'm rolling around in my skin
I can't sleep
If I could sleep this all would end

Waiting for the pills to kick in
I got a whole mess of new friends
I can count them up
But I can't count on them

If you just look at me
Oh you'd like what you see
And if you're listening
Oh you'd like what I said

Waiting for the pills to kick in
I wonder if I'll see her again
She wasn't smart or nice
But she was soft and thin

Waiting for the pills to kick in
You know I got no faith in heaven
I'd be out of here pretty darn quick now
if I did

Somehow life got scored
With screeching horns and diminished chords
If only it was something sweet
A simple melody