Thursday, June 4, 2009

excerpt from my latest newsletter

[written this morning]

I arrived last night in my overflowing little Honda Accord, which having braved the cracked streets of Brooklyn and the ice and snow of Philadelphia, Boston & New York for the last six months, was a champ through thunderstorm after thunderstorm along Interstate 80 from New York to Oakland.

Shook up after rain and hail forced me to pull to the shoulder as lightening clung to the highway all around, I released a new song. I put it out from a hotel room in Nebraska. It’s called “I Think It’s Getting Better."

I recorded this thing five times, with three different producers and bands, in two different cities, in order to get it just where I wanted.

I learned a lot on the east coast in the last few months. I’m grateful for the experience, for all the people that I was able to play my songs for and connect with – I’ll be back again soon enough. I also feel very fortunate to be back in the place I’m from.