Monday, June 15, 2009

First Warm Day Of The Year

Skeletal tails twisting toward marble ceilings

Bear claws strung on straps of deer leather

Human skulls crystallized with eternal grins

Landscape altering meteorites, resting cold

Joy and panic in children’s voices

Wandering aimless into stranger’s legs

Hoards of them, parents explaining

Totem imagery and Natural Selection

The blood scent of subway handrails

Cackling teenagers through thundering hollows

An old woman, standing as doors spread

To squint for the name of each station

And outside, removing my sweatshirt

Vacant trenches of construction fenced in plywood

College kids in shorts with shakes and fries

Bare branches reaching awkward in all directions

Unpurchasable stacks of books on folding tables

Jay-walking corner mobs, homicidal taxi-cabs

Craning necks and idling police cruisers

Ornate golden doorknobs in window cases

Distracted texters and missed signals

Numeral streets, descending by the dozens

Shirtless shoulders, bathroom lines, cameras,

Jazz trios, hats filled with dollar bills

Gatherings on blankets, wiffle ball, baby strollers

Mothers with tattoo sleeves, couples making out

Universes away from yesterday’s winter

And the sting of bare hands on frozen steel