Sunday, March 14, 2010

Stolen Fender Stratosonic Guitar

After a wonderful show last night in San Francisco, my Fender Stratosonic guitar was stolen from my van near Church and Market.

For the past six years that guitar has been beside me for hundreds of shows all around this country and it isn't only unique for being a short run model of Fender's Stratocaster with P-90 pickups (which I replaced with Lollar P-90s), but because it was one of the two guitars (the other being the acoustic that I also play at shows) that I own, that I have had with me while writing all of the songs from my last two records and all of the songs that never made the cut.

It has been with me in my darkest times when I had nothing else to hold on to, and despite the little hope that I have for it to return to me, I ask that if you are in or around the bay area that you just keep an eye out for it.

[Of course, I'll offer a reward]