Saturday, December 20, 2014

Stolen Fender Stratosonic Guitar

For the second time, my Fender Stratosonic guitar has been stolen. I was fortunate enough to locate it the last time through a blog post, so I'll try it again. Here is my description from the last time, as I think I summed it up well then:

For the past decade that guitar has been beside me for hundreds of shows all around this country and it isn't only unique for being a short run model of Fender's Stratocaster with P-90 pickups (which I replaced with Lollar P-90s), but because it was one of the two guitars (the other being the acoustic that I also play at shows) that I own, that I have had with me while writing all of the songs from my last 4 records and all of the songs that never made the cut.

It has been with me in my darkest times when I had nothing else to hold on to, and despite the little hope that I have for it to return to me, I ask that if you are in or around the Los Angeles that you just keep an eye out for it.

If you happen to stumble upon a dark red Stratosonic, I can supply the serial number to match with it. My contact info can be found at

Here's photo of me playing the guitar: