Thursday, August 7, 2008


My new sublet is all I could ask for.  It is a friend's room in Oakland, and the windows are thick enough to subdue the sound of the street cleaning trucks to a hushed roar, but not enough to block out the sound of passing conversation as I wake up in the late morning. Today it was a class of what I would guess to be first or second graders, young mom's shooting the shit as they peruse the commercial strip, and a loud but kind, self-proclaimed "rent-a-cop," giving directions to a passerby.

There is a towering nursing home, and passing elderly on walkers with nurses, or alone, and it is not too far from the ghetto, not too far from the nice part of town, right at the crux, there are all kinds of people, doing and saying all sorts of things.

I feel more like a normal person than I have in years.  Things may get crazy as the next few months fall away but I aim to keep this feeling through any insanity that may come.  It allows for all the basic, all the obvious and few pleasures that life just hands out, and I've been avoiding it for so long.