Friday, August 14, 2009

Party At a Friend of a Friend’s

I killed the engine but neither of us went for the door

There was no talk to fill the empty footprint of the stereo

No mention of going inside,

No commentary on the clusters of people approaching

And passing and climbing the stairs and knocking

Headlights of passing cars filled the rearview mirror

They projected our silhouettes onto stucco walls

Flickered down window panes where

The confidence of interactions unrestrained,

Of gestures unashamed by strange or sober eyes

Splashed through the cracks,

The missing blades of Venetian blinds

Or the river of light— Widening and contracting,

Widening and contracting—

Cascading down the front porch steps

So we sat there a while

And my head fell to your shoulder

And your head fell to mine

And the calls of our friends

Rang out far into oblivion