Thursday, August 13, 2009

Until Next Year

We're putting everything off until next year. This one is just too fucked, it came out of the gates with a broken leg and if we try to make it a contender, to put some faith in a horse this lame, we'll have losses that we will never be able to accept.

This is all full of good lessons, full of practical and productive reassessments, full of happiness in spite of, regardless of, unrelated to.

And most important, this isn't the end.

So let's not worry about all those things that just wont take flight right now. Let's let them sit on the runway and get trashed at the airport bar, watch the faces go by, and ask some strangers about themselves. And when this all passes, and people come out from their shelters and come to their goddamn senses, we'll be that much more ready to go.